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What is a Workshop?

A workshop is where you will develop and discover your own abilities within a group setting. The Self Development workshops are on a pic n mix basis where you can choose the workshop you wish to attend for that month from any of the choices. With the Spiritual Development sessions regular attendance is encouraged as far as possible for your personal advancement. You can attend any of the other Workshops according to the specifications eg if it is a three session event then you need to attend all of them. All sessions are for adults (as well as adolescents age 14+) in groups of ten.

How will a Workshop benefit me?

You can learn relaxation techniques in the Relax & Recuperate sessions, learn some basic Coaching Therapies and Intuition techniques in the Self Development sessions, learn to protect yourself and enhance your intuitive abilities in the Spiritual Development sessions and learn to heal using Universal Energy in the Reiki training plus learn how to improve your relationships and communication skills, control your weight, improve your health and manifest your wishes in other Workshops. For information regarding dates and times please check events.

Calm Minds Relax and Recuperate Workshops

1 ½ hours

If you want to feel calm in a simple and easy way then please come and listen to a Guided Journey or a Sound Journey, both of which will transport you into a relaxed state of being where you can forget any worries or concerns that you may have. You can come to as many or as few sessions that you want to. Please check events for information regarding dates and times for the next few months.

Calm Minds Sound Journey

I offer this wonderful relaxing Sound Journey for you where you learn simple chants & mantras to sing together in a group, which you can use at home to help rebalance and harmonise your mind, body & souls (individual sessions are also available). The sound enables you to relax and go within, to connect with yourself fully and find your own unique voice and enjoy the group harmonies. Once you are relaxed I ask you to close your eyes and listen to the mesmerising sound of the gong which I play for you. I play the gong intuitively whilst monitoring the group energy to ensure that everyone is comfortable. At the end of the Gong section you are encouraged to share your experiences with each other and the session may end with some more vocal work. Sound journey workshops last an hour and a half with water available through-out the session.

Calm Minds Guided Journey

We begin the sessions with deep relaxing breathes allowing your body to become softer and the mind less active. Then through the sound of my voice you will be guided through visualisation to go on journeys where you can get in touch with your inner wisdom which will help you to gain insights about yourself as well as becoming calm and relaxed. You will have an opportunity to share your experiences with each other. After the guided journey the use of crystals, pendulums and creating mandalas may also be part of the experience.

Calm Minds Self Development Workshops

1 ½ hours to half and full day sessions

What is Self Development? This is where you can experience new topics to develop yourself in body and mind on a monthly ad hoc basis. What is the benefit to me? You will learn new empowering healing processes and develop your intuition. You are welcome to join any Self Development session that interests you at any time, places permitting. Once you have attended a session you will get priority booking for subsequent sessions. Listed below are some of my most popular topics, please check events for information on the topics I am offering over the next few months:

* EFT is a way of releasing blockages causing emotional distress or physical pain by tapping with your fingertips on the meridians of your face and chest whilst stating an affirmation.
* Angel Awareness – learn to connect with your Guardian Angel then find out about Archangels and their specialisms.  Give each other mini card readings.
* ENLP helps you to recover your energy, clear limiting beliefs plus align your mind, body and soul through the use of symbols and metaphors which the unconscious mind finds easier to accept. * Colour & Mandalas – learn which colours have a calming effect.  Discover how creating mandalas is therapeutic.  Develop your intuition by reading others’ mandalas to gain an understanding of how they may be feeling.
* Self Hypnosis is a very simple relaxation technique with positive suggestions to your mind to create successful outcomes. * Chants & Mantras – learn to sing simple songs from around the world with others creating lovely harmonies which helps the body to relax.

Calm Minds Spiritual Development Workshops

What is Spiritual Development?

Many people in the world today are showing signs of heightened sensitivity and intuition, often these people feel different to others and rarely talk about their spiritual experiences. Spiritual Development sessions are for people who are receiving information, want to have more control of their abilities, want to develop their innate abilities in an environment with others having similar experiences, whilst feeling validated. These people are here to make the world a better place, by sharing their experiences within a safe group setting it allows them to go out into the world feeling more confident and calm. You are encouraged to come along to all the sessions whenever possible as part of you ongoing development until you no longer feel you want to.

What is the benefit to me?

You will learn how to tap into your spiritual gifts and gain greater insight about yourself and your environment. You will learn to protect yourself psychically and have more control over when you experience insights plus have a safe place to share with others experiencing similar issues. This will facilitate a sense of belonging knowing that you will be fully heard. You will also have opportunities to develop your intuition and healing abilities, learning to trust what you see, hear, feel or know, coming from your intuition, spirit guides, guardian angel and the Universe. This gives you greater insights into what is going on within and externally around you; the information from your sixth sense will allow you to make better decisions, that are right for you, because you won’t have to rely solely on using your conscious mind. Listed below are some topics we will cover, please check events for information on the topics I am offering over the next few months:

* Angels & Guides * Chakras * Angel Cards
* Crystals * Auras * Pendulum Dowsing
* Mandalas * Readings * Magical Creativities

Creative Calm Workshops

Calm Minds offers bespoke one off or regular two hours or longer sessions that include the use of Sounds (eg instruments and voice), Movement (yoga, exercise and directed & freestyle dancing), Coaching (using techniques EFT and ENLP) Art (colour, mandalas and free expression) to relax and rebalance the Mind, Body and Soul… great for Schools, Businesses and Private Functions.


Calm Minds Workshops

The Weight Ahead (3 half day workshops)

Discover your silent saboteurs plus ways to control your cravings in your quest to achieve the shape and weight that is right for you… using EFT, Energetic NLP , Hypnosis and the latest research on nutrition and exercise.

Calm Minds – Regenerate your Relationship(s) (½ day workshop)

Discover the way your partner likes to be loved and give them this instead of giving your love to them in the way you like to receive it. Learn how to have dialogues where both parties feel heard and understood. Return to the early days and recapture the feelings of that time.

Calm Minds – Happy in Health (½ day workshop)

Health is the most important aspect of our life and many people place other considerations first. Learn ways to balance your mind, body and soul to feel better and live longer.

Calm Minds – Cool Confident Communicators (½ day workshop)

Learn how to improve your speaking & listening skills so that you can build better relationships with all those you come in contact with. Create rapport through using appropriate language to the person receiving it and show how good a listener you are by being able to resend the person’s message to let them know you have understood them.

Calm Minds – Grow Your Goals (½ day workshop)

Manifest your goals by creating vision boards – putting pictures & symbols on a board so that your unconscious mind knows what you want in your life and then placing your goal into the future, having released any sabotaging beliefs with EFT & ENLP.



Healing Training

I offer Healing training for anyone aged 14+ twice a year during the weekends. The training times are from 11am to 3pm each day. Water and fruit is offered throughout the day but you are requested to bring your own packed lunch. I have discovered how easily anyone can tap into universal energies enabling them to help others and themselves when they may be in pain or distress. Healing is when the healer places their hands on the Energy centres of the body (chakras) or works in the auric field around the body to facilitate a healing using Universal Energy. Healing is carried out with the recipient laying fully clothed on a healing couch with their eyes closed and relaxing. Level II is a full qualification allowing you to work on the public (with the required insurance certificate – please note that you have to be 18 to work as a practitioner unless you can find an insurer willing to take you at a younger age).

Healing I

You will learn the history and five principles of Reiki and other Healing modalities and receive attunements plus practical learning on how to feel energy. Level I allows you to give Healing to yourself and your family.

Healing II

You will reflect on level I experiences and have further attunements. You will learn how some healing modailites like Reiki  use symbols and will learn their meanings, plus how to give distance healing and additional hands on practice using the symbols(optional) , as well as ideas on how to prepare a room plus other uses of healing eg animals, plants, the earth, food & drink.

EFT Intro (level I)

You will learn EFT (which is tapping on meridians of the face and chest) to help yourself overcome negative emotions and help family and friends. Please note that only level two is a professional qualified level that one can work as a practitioner and get insured.


“Health and happiness are rightfully yours”

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