“Many thanks for the gong evening. It was great – completely zonked the next day”

Lindy Fox, Redbourn

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the techniques safe – are there any side effects?
  2. How long does a therapy or healing session take?
  3. Are you insured?
  4. Is it confidential?
  5. What if I am taking medication?
  6. Do you need to speak to my Doctor?
  7. Do you work with children?
  8. How does a Gong Bath/Sound Healing work?
  9. What is hypnosis like?
  10. What is the Conscious & Unconscious Mind?
  11. Will I be in control during hypnosis?
  12. Will I divulge confidential information whilst in hypnosis?
  13. Will I have to talk in detail about my past?
  14. Can everyone be hypnotised?
  15. What makes a good Tarot card reader?

Question: Are the techniques safe – are there any side effects?


All the techniques are safe and free from side effects apart form the beneficial results brought about by improved well-being and these can include sleeping better, feeling more confident and have a more positive outlook on life. For those concerned about hypnosis having watched stage shows, hypnosis is completely natural and has been recognised by the NHS and other bodies around the world as a great way to reduce pain and heal the mind. Your unconscious mind will not accept any suggestion that don’t fit with your own values and desires.

Question: How long does a therapy or healing session take?


Sessions are usually an hour in length unless the client requests a longer session.
Some conditions can be treated in just a couple of sessions, such as fears and phobias and some take longer. The average is around three to five sessions, earning the therapies a reputation as a rapid therapy.

Question: Are you insured?


Yes, I have full professional public liability insurance.

Question: Is it confidential?


Yes, it is confidential. The Data Protection Act cover clients’ right to privacy of their details, except in the case of very serious crimes such as if you disclose you murdered someone or abused children then I have a duty by law to disclose this.

Question: What if I am taking medication?


Sometimes antidepressants can slow the progress as the emotions are dampened but other times they do not.

Question: Do you need to speak to my Doctor?


Not necessarily but if you are under the care of another medical professional or dealing with a clinical matter then it may be appropriate to seek a referral should you wish to do so.

Question: Do you work with children?


Yes I do. It is important to note that often with young children their behaviour is a ‘cry for help’ a way of seeking attention. They want to be ‘listened’ to and heard and this can include even quite serious problems. Sometimes it is the adults in the family who are having a difficulty and the child picks this up and acts up. Once the adult is less stressed and the atmosphere is more relaxed this can change the child’s behaviour. In the case where the child has a phobia or anxieties unrelated to family problems then the therapy or healing is usually fairly rapid.

Question: How does a Gong Bath/Sound Healing work?


The sounds interacts with your body on three levels:
1) Sound you hear via your ears has a psycho-acoustical affect which calms and slows down the brainwaves from beta (focused and concentrated) to alpha (calm and relaxed) and sometimes down further to theta (deep relaxation and visualisation) where your logical brain switches off and your creative/intuitive side engages.

2) Sound waves touch your physical body penetrating deeply into the body on a cellular level (like when standing next to large loudspeakers where you can feel the vibrations).

3) Sound vibrations interact with your subtle energy bodies. The gongs, instruments and voice align and balance your mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies. The sounds also balance the energy centres in your body (chakras) and enable emotional blockages and imbalances to be shifted. It also has a profound effect on your consciousness raising your vibrations level and enabling you to access the spiritual dimensions. It is a way of working with your body and voice to rediscover the fine-tuned and precise relationship between breathing and sound, re-harmonizing the body as an instrument in order to allow your authentic voice to emerge and express itself.

Question: What is hypnosis like?


People may have slightly different sensations during hypnosis but they usually experience a deep feeling of relaxation whilst being aware of everything that is going on around them. This is a similar sensation to that of just before you fall asleep, on awakening and when immersed in an activity such as engrossed in a good book or day-dreaming. Your mind will be fully alert, and you will be able to hear everything I say. You will not really be ‘asleep’ and you may remember everything that happens while you are in the trance relaxed state. You will also be able to come out of hypnosis anytime that you choose to.

Question: What is the Conscious & Unconscious Mind?


Your conscious mind is that part of your mind that you are aware of as you think and plan and perceive the world around you. This is your short-term memory which can hold thoughts from minutes to hours. Your conscious mind is concerned with the here and now. Your unconscious or subconscious mind is your long term memory. The unconscious mind stores all your knowledge, beliefs and experiences; some of which you can recall easily when needed, whilst some remains less accessible but still drives your behaviours. The conscious mind can be compared to the tip of an iceberg and the unconscious mind to the nine-tenths of the iceberg which is submerged underwater.

Question: Will I be in control during hypnosis?


Yes, you will remain in control at all times. It is you who follows the steps of relaxation and retains this state during hypnosis and so whenever you choose to come out of it you will be able to. In hypnotherapy, you and I work together as a team to promote positive changes and you will only accept suggestions that your unconscious mind considers beneficial. You will not accept any suggestions that do not fit into your own moral and ethical beliefs.

Question: Will I divulge confidential information whilst in hypnosis?


Just as when you are in an ‘awake’ and alert state you will be aware that you have a choice whether to verbalise your thoughts or not when in a hypnotic trance. You remain in control at all times.

Question: Will I have to talk in detail about my past?


One of the advantages of therapy is the possibility of working in a content free way, which means that there is no need for the therapist to know the full details of your issue although it is sometimes felt a cathartic release to do so. For healing to work you can also choose to disclose what your intent is to heal or not.

Question: Can everyone be hypnotised?


Most people can be hypnotised – but only if they want to be. But if you truly want to make a change in your life and seek assistance from a therapist, then people usually go into a trance fairly easily as you will too.

Question: What makes a good Tarot card reader?


The reader will not ask a lot of questions and this applies whether they are using cards or doing a completely intuitive reading. They will not often ask during the reading if the information they are giving is on track or seek confirmation. The reader will not be overly concerned what you think of the reading because they understand that they are simply the messenger and whether or not you believe them is irrelevant. They will exhibit true compassion, avenues for you to explore and thoughts for you to consider.
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