Importance of Self Love

This post is particularly for those who are single on Valentines Day which features around ‘loved up’ couples and can feel a bit sad when you’ve not got a significant other in your life for you to cherish and vice versa.  What I want you to remember is that the most important human love is… the art of truly loving yourself!  Accepting all your positive and negative aspects because these are what make you a human being with all your wonderful quirks and frailties. The more love we give ourselves the more we have to give to others an accept them with their idiosyncracies knowing that they too are on their learning path which may be different to ours. Can you imagine how boring it would be it we were all perfect and homogenised. 

 Of course the greatest love we have available to us is that from Source (Universe, God or whatever name you like to use) who gives us unconditional love knowing that we are following our paths learning in our human experience and overcoming our difficulties in the best way we can. So go on love yourself and be bathed in God’s love knowing that at a Soul level you are a magnificent being! 

Bright blessings,

Dee xx

How Our Emotions Affect Others

David Hamilton was recently discussing Science and the Sentive and said that during last year (2010) developments in the study of emotions and a specialized set of brain cells known as Mirror Neurons had shone a light upon one way in that we are able to sense the mental and emotional state of others.

David said that when you see any expression on a person’s face, these ‘mirror neurons ‘ are activated and they stimulate all the muscles necessary for you to make the same face. In a sense you mirror their expressions, and it’s completely unconscious. So if you hang around with happy people you will probably find yourself smiling more because they are smiling, and not just because of what they are saying or how they are acting, but because of how they feel.

This is because as well as the mirror neurons replicating the same facial expressions, they send a signal to some of the emotional circuits of the brain and these replicate the emotion that accompanies that facial expression. So you end up feeling how others feel.

This direct transmission of emotional state from one person to another is known as ‘Emotional Contagion’, and refers to the contagiousness of emotions. We’ve often said that smiling is contagious and gets passed around and its good to know that science can finally back this up. So go on, pass the smile around…

In the same way,  if a person said they felt fine but underneath they were suffering emotionally. They might be able to successfully hide their true feelings from you on the surface, but from time to time there will be tiny flashes of emotion on their face, as well as pupil movements and even body gestures, that are so subtle and so rapid that no one is consciously aware of them.  But, these expressions will betray their real feelings because your mirror neurons will pick them up. And, of course, they will stimulate your mirror facial expressions as well as the emotional brain circuits that correspond to them, so that you get tiny flashes of emotion. You just have a feeling about the person.

Indeed, these emotions are the emotions that the person is feeling. In this way, you literally sense how they are feeling. It is pleasing that science has now  come to understand this aspect of intuition as a real phenomenon and not something to be dismissed as in the past. It also explains why you started out feeling great but then when in the company of someone who is feeling down you feel drained.  So choose your company wisely and ensure that you dont take on ‘others’ stuff.

Bright blessings,

Dee xx

New Year, New Thoughts

This book gives suggestions on how to raise your vibrations into today's negative environment. Read the rest of this entry »

Divorce debate

I was invited onto the radio BBC 3 Counties to give my views as a Child Therapist on whether parents should stay together for the sake of the children. As a product of parents who stayed together but eventually divorced, I believe its best that they separate so that kids live in a happier environment. Instead of divorce annual renewal of marriage licences as an alternative thought! Read the rest of this entry »

Spread the Love…

The importance of making the most of synchronistic opportunities, taking time to interact with others and how giving a kindness is beneficial to both parties. A lovely video wishing abundance of health, wealth and happiness. Read the rest of this entry »

Energetic NLP

I had a great time in London at the weekend reconnecting with old ENLP chums and making new friends too. The thing I love about ENLP as a healing process is the simplicity of using Universal & Earth energies with metaphors and symbols  – the powerful transformations that occurred were brilliant! One of my favourites techniques was the energetic Timeline placed on the floor with a healing at each aspect of an issue all the way back to the initial event and finally taking these new learnings/healings out into the future thus eliminating any blocks to help you move forward. LOVE IT!!   Dee xx

Great Sounds…

Creative Calm, which is my friend Julie and  I were asked to perform a Sound Workshop with our friend Jane as a threesome (steady boys it was just gonging) in Peterborough Cathedral.  The Cathedral itself has wonderful ambience, fantastic acoustics and lovely ornate carvings and stained glass windows.  We had a great time playing drums, singing bowls, rain sticks, freenotes and more plus the gong. The audience had fun participating in the singing , trying out the instruments and finally relaxing to the sounds of the gong.  If you want to see what was written on the Greeniversity blog by Karen the organiser of  the event then go to this link and click here to see more photos of the event!/album.php?aid=242713&id=137883163556. The local press came to the event which was organised by Jane  I am really looking forward to spreading the feeling of Relaxation & Healing through Sound. If you fancy trying it then come to an event or book a personal session just for you, you know you deserve it!  Speak soon Dee xx  Calm Kids, Calm Minds

…And Spellings

and now the spelling strategy… it’s an NLP visualisation strategy whereby one gets the children to stabilise their pictures. Once they’re stable to then using their imagination to ‘see’ things up above their eye level eg say a dog with the spelling of the word on the dog itself.  Once they are proficient at spelling simple words backwards and forwards using this method of recall then the object is removed and a ‘whiteboard’ is put in its place. I ask the children to put their spellings onto post it notes up above their own height level at home so they can learn them individually.  Its a shame that as yet, this is not on the teacher training courses – amongst other things…

Super Spellings and more…

I find the best way to start my lessons is to get the kids to move their body & energy around, followed by deep breathing so that everyone is relaxed and in the same space.  Then they all ‘ground’ visualising roots from their feet going down into the core of the earth – this is to help them stay focussed and not be ‘away with the fairies’.  Finally they use the learning state – peripheral vision to expand their consciousness letting the unconscious mind do the learning quickly.  This helps the kids start their lesson in a calm manner.

Reconnective Healing

One of my favourite healing modilites is Reconnective Healing – if you want to know more about it then click on the link to listen to an interview explaining it  Its very relaxing and if you want to try it out then  just give me a ring.